About the Club

...to promote and protect...


The Club is a 501(c)(3) organization based in Oregon. Meetings are held periodically throughout the year; dates will be posted on this website.

Activities have been spread out over a fairly wide geographic area. Parades have been participated in at Florence, Cottage Grove, Marcola, Springfield, Coburg, Eugene, and La Pine. We have members from all over the United States. We participate in adoptions. clinics and shows throughout the Western States including the National Wild Horse And Burro Show in Reno, Nevada.

What we do:

We provide gentling clinics and mentor new mustang owners. We assist with BLM adoptions, we promote mustangs at the NW Horse Fair and Expo, and at parades. We have horse shows and do demonstrations.  



2010 Portland Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade

PWHC won the first place trophy for an equestrian group!

PWHC was also the first equestrian group ever to represent the American Mustang in the Grand floral parade.