Welcome to the Pacific Wild Horse Club

...to promote and protect...

The Club is dedicated to the protection and promotion of America's Wild Horses and Burros, both those that have been adopted and those still roaming on the range. The Club and its members have performed numerous activities over the years to encourage individuals to adopt wild horses and burros, educate the public about the uniqueness of the Wild Horse as part of the "Heritage of the West", assist  the BLM to promote, protect and enhance the "Adopt-A-Horse Program", and assist new adopters in the gentling of their newly acquired animals.

We network to assure that adopted horses will have a good home if an adopter should find they cannot keep their new horse. We also work closely with other animal welfare groups to identify, rescue and place at-risk horses and burros.


Our activities have included:


Exhibition of Mustangs at parades, county fairs, horse shows, and 4-H clubs.


Sponsoring a horse show annually to promote the Mustangs.


Participation in the other horse shows, such as the  National Wild Horse and Burro Show in Reno, Nevada;  the Central Oregon Wild Horse Coalition horse shows in Central Oregon, and many more.


•Encouraging and helping people to participate in the Extreme Mustang Makeover and the Trainer Incentive Program through the Mustang Heritage Foundation.


Helping the BLM with satellite adoptions.


Assisting the BLM in screening potential adopters, and performing subsequent "compliance checks" for the BLM.


Assisting new adopters in transportation home of newly adopted horses, providing technical knowledge and assistance with training and/or gentling newly adopted horses, including occasionally providing a temporary home until an adopter can provide their own facility.


Assisting the BLM to locate homes for horses that, for one reason or another are turned back in before they are titled, including providing temporary "foster homes" for horses. To date, all horses in the area that have been taken back locally by the BLM have been successfully placed in new adopter's homes.


Quarterly meetings; dates are posted on the ‘meetings and events’ page.


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